Teacher Information

Welcome to the Dinosaur WebQuest! This WebQuest is designed for 3rd Graders excited to learn about dinosaurs! Students will learn general information about a specific dinosaur of their choosing. They will be describing their dinosaur, what it ate, where it lived and other general aspects of their dinosaur. There should also be a brief statement of what they think allowed their dinosaur to survive, and why they think the dinosaurs went extinct.

Students participating in this WebQuest will need to be able to read at a third grade level so that they can understand the information that they are researching. Students will also need to have a fairly good understanding of how to use the internet.

Students should take a few hours, maybe 2 to 3, to research and record information on their dinosaur. Writing down this information and making some sketches in their journal should take about the same time as well.

When it comes to grading this assingment, teachers should be looking for a creative "dig journal", adequate information on the dinosaur the student has chosen, including where they lived, what they ate, what time period they lived in and what years that time period entailed, we are hoping that the student comes away with a broader knowledge of their dinosaur. Also the student should have at least one sketch of what their dinosaur looked like. Along with this information they should tell what they think gave their dinosaur the ability to survive in this time, and also a brief idea of why they think the dinosaurs went extinct.